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The company risk on mind® works for you in the following areas


Risk Management Process

Within the context of production risk management, we analyse the risk landscape of your production chain, evaluate the risk with probabilistic methods, derive special recommendations for mitigation and support you in their implementation!


Risk Management Cyber

The security of entire IT and OT landscape is an essential economical factor of the value-added chain of your industrial company. We analyse possible weak points in the IT and OT structure, derive special recommendations and work with you to ensure smooth implementation.



In order to avoid additional burdens for your industrial company due to increased insurance premiums or even losing an insurance coverage, we have developed the product "Versicherungsengineering®".

Unified Workflow

We bring movement in your risk management


Fitness for your industrial company – get your company in shape for a risk analysis. Whether for insurance or self-interest!


Strong and complete risk management. We ensure a secure organization of your Risk potential for the long term.



Recognize dangers and define the target. Risk analysis, assessment and controlling for a secure future.


Goal-oriented optimization - Selection of the optimal partners for the control and monitoring through to the successful implementation.


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Our team with over 20 years of professional experience will be happy to assist you

The Team

Led by Stephan Dorner and Markus Oswald, the risk on mind® team consists of leading experts in risk management and IT/OT sector. Through new approaches and cost-effective actions, risk on mind® creates innovative possibilities for companies to better their position in the sectors of production-, cyber risk management or Versicherungsengineering. With over 20 years of professional experience, we are happy to face your personal requirements.


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About risk on mind® GmbH

Risk management in the industrial sector is a very diversified field of business and requires permanent adaptation to new legal regulations, insurance requirements, new technologies and other technical requirements. For this reason, we rely exclusively on experts in their field, with Stephan Dorner on top. Based on his many years of experience in insurance and industry businesses, he ensures the best possible consulting results.

Headquater AUSTRIA

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