Your way to a profitable industrial insurance for fire risks, natural hazards, cybercrime,
machinery breakdown and business interruption

How can Versicherungsengineering® help to save costs?

Out of the fog of danger - we create transparency!

In order to avoid the additional burden caused by the increased insurance premiums or the loss of insurance cover, we have developed Versicherungsengineering®. The assessment of the risk potential done by our experts in the interest of the industrial company gives a detailed picture in order to represent the risk landscape and the risk situation for the insurer as precise as possible.

As a result, there is no false risk assessment and the risk is correctly analysed and assessed. Therefore, the interest of the policyholder is passed to the insurer in a structured form in order to achieve an effective and cost-reduced insurance premium with optimal insurance coverage.

Versicherungsengineering® PrePare

We prepare you perfectly for an upcoming insurance audit


In practice, it often happens that insurance companies provide a risk audit for you. Among other things, this survey is set to determine potential claim risk for the insurer and is therefore in the insurer's focus of interest.

Based on this one-sided interest and a lack of time for detailed survey, the insurance company demands certain protection measures and insurance coverage comes into the question.

risk on mind® prepares you for this event in a target-oriented way, so that there are no surprises for you! Let us guide you through this audit. Our experts will ensure the necessary balance in your interest!

Our PrePare package includes the following services:

  1. Preparation
    Site visit by our expert
    Defect report (elimination of abnormalities)
    Workshop for preparation and protection against undesirable measures required from insurance audit and expected course of action

  2. Insurance audit
    Attendance / guidance through the insurance audit

risk on mind® AnaLysis

We provide you with comprehensive support right up to the final implementation of the control measures


In 4 steps to more profitable industrial insurance:

Industrial plants are often very individual and complex structures with different risk factors, which are connected in a complex way. Therefore, we have developed a 4-step plan to avoid negative risk representation.

Step one: First, our experts analyse internal operations and choose the correct risk assessments. They identify both, known and unknown, risk potentials.

Step two: The risk potential is then assessed in order to identify a direction for optimal control measures and to develop priorities that reflect your economic interests. In addition, industry comparisons and alternative possibilities are analyzed in order to examine feasibility and cost expenditures.

Step three: Based on many years of experience, technical know-how and creativity, we develop target-oriented control measures in order to present a suitable concept for later negotiations. At the same time, economical aspects for implementation will also be examined.

Step four: Finally, all subject areas are brought together in order to find the best solution for your company during negotiations with the various insurance institutions. We accompany you on a risk-technical level up to the signing conclusion of an insurance policy (and beyond).

Independent, sustainable, risk on mind

Main topics

We are not an insurer, we put your company into the right perspective for an assessment by the insurance company


Fire risk

The consequences of this scenario are usually substantial financial losses, breaches of contract or delivery bottlenecks. Of course, this is then reflected in the profitability of the company. However, it is first and foremost necessary to assess the general risk of a fire in one's own company in order to take further measures on this ...


Natural hazards

The reasons for following this procedure is due to existing or renegotiated insurance contracts that have to be adjusted due to changed circumstances (eg new avalanche protection was established). Versicherungsengineering® gives you the right foundation for cost-effective and successful negotiations with insurers.


Cyber risk

Almost every business is faced with this problem, as all businesses that have access to the Internet are a potential target. Even individual computers or WIFI connections can become a corporate risk.


Other hazards

of property insurance
No matter which threats still exist in your company that are related to property insurance solutions, Versicherungsengineering® is the right product to present your actual potential risks transparently, fairly and independently.

risk on mind® Care

We accompany you even after successful project completion


from390 / month

✓ Desktop Risk Update
✓ Reporting
- On-site risk update
- Creating control measures
- Accompanying control measures
- Representation towards insurance
✓ 5 h Additional Consulting Oncall / E-Mail


from590 / month

✓ Desktop Risk Update
✓ Reporting
✓ On-site risk update
✓ Creating control measures
- Accompanying control measures
✓ Representation towards insurance
✓ 5 h Additional Consulting Oncall / E-Mail


from990 / month

✓ Desktop Risk Update
✓ Reporting
✓ On-site risk update
✓ Creating control measures
✓ Accompanying control measures
✓ Representation towards insurance
✓ 10 h Additional Consulting Oncall / E-Mail


Stephan Dorner

stands out with his modern working and partly unconventional methods and innovative thinking. His new and effective solutions give your company an economical advantage.

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About risk on mind® GmbH

Risk management in the industrial sector is a very diversified field of business and requires permanent adaptation to new legal regulations, insurance requirements, new technologies and other technical requirements. For this reason, we rely exclusively on experts in their field, with Stephan Dorner on top. Based on his many years of experience in insurance and industry businesses, he ensures the best possible consulting results.

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